Location Paramoti, CE
Grantee 2014
Attended areas Education and Culture

Escola Popular

Reviving the value of history and culture in the Paramoti region

Culture can be a powerful tool to mobilize people, especially when it leads to the revitalization of the history and collective memory of a region and when it helps construct the identity its people. All too often in small cities in Brazil, access to culture is very limited and television remains the main source of leisure and information. Although the Internet is becoming more available with the opening of LAN houses, access to the web in rural Brazil is still very limited.

Despite its few cultural options, Paramoti has a rich historical legacy that has led to its designation as the “City of Peace.” EPC Paramoti has proposed to rescue and preserve the culture of the city, by improving access to the cinema and the library, and by organizing exhibits on the history of the municipality.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the project will:

• Create a schedule of cultural events for the community;
• Create a public awareness campaign that informs residents of their rich historical and cultural legacy;
• Reach 830 people directly and indirectly.


Expansion of cultural offerings in the region
Strengthening local culture, traditions, and history

“We hope to promote greater awareness and appreciation of Paramoti’s history for all those who participate in these activities.” -AurenirLuz, project leader


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