Location Juazeiro, BA
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Education and Culture

Carrapicho: Educomunicação e Ecoturismo

Training youth in the audiovisual field, using tourism, to create income generation opportunities and prevent the rural exodus

The scenic Salitre Valley is often portrayed in films and novelas for its natural, cultural and historical wealth. The region, however, often does not see the economic returns or appreciation it deserves for these resources.

Carrapicho Virtual is working to change this reality by using the audiovisual arts to promote ecotourism and generate income for youth there. By providing youth with these opportunities, the organization aims to combat the rural exodus and incentivize them to stay.

The project aims to use the audiovisual arts to promote sustainable rural tourism and income generation. The project will also provide technical and political education to encourage discussion around communication rights, local knowledge and potential, and environmental and socio-cultural sustainability.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the project will offer:

• Audiovisual and ecotourism education to 20 youths;
• Audiovisual classes, focusing on various themes such as production and editing;
• Classes in Journalism and Digital Arts for Tourism;
• The I Audiovisual Exhibition in the Salitre Valley.


Audiovisual education for 20 youths in the Salitre Valley
Rural tourism generating income for youth
Discussion about communication rights and identity

“[This project will] integrate communications education and ecotourism to create income generation opportunities for the youth of Salitre.” – Carrapicho Virtual team

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