Location Corumbá, MS
Grantee 2015
Attended areas Education and Culture

Escolas das Águas: educomunicação e diálogo intercultural uma maneira de aprender e ensinar

Training Teachers to Promote Cultural and Environmental Appreciation in Corumbá

Riverside communities in the Pantanal are often split up among conservation units, indigenous areas, tourist sites and private properties. In order for these communities to maintain their traditions, it is crucial that young residents understand their communities and are aware of their rights and duties.

Educating is a unique challenge for teachers in Corumbá who are not originally from the locality. The teachers arrive ill-prepared to affectively teach to the culture of the children, and lessons on local culture are not being taught. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to building a curriculum that promotes the Pantanal culture.

ECOA was founded in 1989 to conserve natural ecosystems and their dwellers by working through local, regional and national public policies.

With support from BrazilFoundation, ECOA plans to:

•Provide continuing education for teachers working in Corumbá region;
•Create school groups to support local activities;
•Promote appreciation for the local environmental through teachers and students.


• Continued training for 25 teachers
• 300 students directly supported
• 10 school units established in the region

“These courses made me realize the importance of working in a way which respects our students’ reality.” – Angelica Loyal Arruda – A beneficiary of the project supported by BrazilFoundation in 2013

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