Families and Individuals

How you can transform Brazil

Your generosity matters

We connect people and families to organizations that promote social equality and opportunities for the Brazilian population.

Your support allows organizations to carry out their work and improve the lives of thousands of people in Brazil.

How you can make an impact

Contribute to our thematic funds:

Black Entrepreneurship

Gender Equity

Environment and Climate Change Fund


  • Build your family legacy – DAF
  • One-time donation
  • Donate monthly
  • Contribute to our Thematic Funds
  • Contribute to our Endowment
  • Participate in our events
  • Pass-Through Gifts
  • Matching Gift Program
  • Planned Giving
  • Crowdfunding

Build your family legacy – DAF

Establish a DAF, use tax benefits, and create a philanthropic legacy. You can set up a Distributable Fund or an Endowed Fund and recommend distributions according to your charitable goals for future generations. Donors recommend organizations to receive funds, and we operate the review process.

One-time donation

Collaborate with our mission, help leverage ideas, and drive resources to organizations that strive to change lives in Brazil.

Donate monthly

By making a monthly donation, you can help ensure the long-term survival of the initiatives that promote opportunities for Brazil’s most vulnerable populations.

Contribute to our Thematic Funds

Build a more equitable and sustainable Brazil. Thematic funds focus on four priorities to solve Brazilian society’s most structural challenges.

Contribute to our Endowment

Help guarantee BrazilFoundation’s long-term sustainability and create permanent impact by donating to our Pooled Endowment Fund.

Participate in our events

Join dozens of global banks, airlines, luxury brands, and philanthropists who have sponsored our flagship events. Individuals or groups can also create their fundraisers to assist BrazilFoundation.

Pass-Through Gifts

A simple and tax-efficient way to support Brazilian organizations of your choice anytime. We perform all due diligence.

Matching Gift Program

More than 20,000 companies match their employees’ contributions to nonprofit organizations, multiplying their donations with the Matching Gift Program. You can also multiply your donation. Understand how it works.

Planned Giving
Perpetuate your vision of a fairer Brazil. Include BrazilFoundation as a beneficiary in your will, retirement plan, or life insurance policy. Your support will be a legacy of contribution to our mission and to the country.


Create your own fundraising campaign and mobilize friends and colleagues to contribute. Fundraise around your birthday or other special occasions.

Who transforms with us

Gisele BundchenÜber model, Philanthropist and Environmental Activist

“I just want to say how grateful I am. [...] None of this would be possible without the help of the partnership with BrazilFoundation and all the donors. Everyone works so hard and is so dedicated.”

Gisele BundchenÜber model, Philanthropist and Environmental Activist

– Daniel VorcaroPresident, Banco Master

"BrazilFoundation is a legitimate institution proving its competence and results for several years. When I came across BrazilFoundation, I decided to support, engage our brands, our name, and contribute time and resources as it is an organization that professionally helps institutions in various aspects."

– Daniel VorcaroPresident, Banco Master

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  • Apoiador – Ambipar – EN
  • Apoiador – Mubadala – EN
  • Apoiador – Partage – EN
  • Apoiador – Rede Comuá – EN
  • Apoiador – Google – EN
  • Apoiador – Goldman Sachs – EN
  • Apoiador – Bank of America – EN
  • Apoiador – Starbucks Foundation – EN
  • Apoiador – Adorni Filmes – EN
  • Apoiador – General Atlantic – EN
  • Apoiador – Bloomberg Philanthropies – EN
  • Apoiador – RPS Capital – EN
  • Apoiador – B3 – EN
  • Apoiador – Avon
  • Apoiador – Instituto Embraer – EN
  • Apoiador – Embaixada dos EUA – EN
  • Apoiador – Trafigura – EN
  • Apoiador – Hand Foundation – EN
  • Apoiador – JP Morgan – EN
  • Apoiador – Silverpeak – EN
  • Apoiador – Conti Capital – EN
  • Apoiador – Desinchá – EN
  • Apoiador – Banco Master – EN
  • Apoiador – Prudential – EN
  • Apoiador – Itaú Social – EN
  • Apoiador – Apple – EN
  • Apoiador – Microsoft – EN
  • Apoiador – BTG Pactual – EN
  • Apoiador – TikTok – EN
  • Apoiador – XP Investimentos – EN
  • Apoiador – Index – EN
  • Apoiador – Tinker Foundation – EN
  • Apoiador – Kellogs Foundation – EN
  • Apoiador – CSP – EN
  • Apoiador – Votorantim – EN
  • Apoiador – Fundação Renova – EN
  • Apoiador – Instituto HSBC Solidariedade – EN
  • Apoiador – Fundação ABH – EN
  • Apoiador – Kovr – EN
  • Apoiador – Instituto Gerson Bartolomeo
  • Apoiador – Safra National Bank – EN
  • Apoiador – Soft Bank – EN
  • Apoiador – Johson & Johnson – EN
  • Apoiador – Blue Label Johnnie Walker – EN
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does BrazilFoundation ensure that resources are employed as the supported organizations propose?
After being selected, the supported civil society organizations are monitored and evaluated during the support cycle. With a focus on institutional development, monitoring is carried out through quarterly reports and technical assistance by phone and email, as well as visits, when necessary, to maximize the social impact of the project in its community. See our Statistics and Annual Reports in the Who We Are section of our website.
How do I receive tax incentives in Brazil?
BrazilFoundation is a non-profit organization, designated as a Public Interest Civil Society Organization (OSCIP, as per its initials in Portuguese) under Law 9.790/99, Ministry of Justice file no. 08071.000389/2004/01, Corporate Taxpayer Registration No. 04.839.572/0001-10. A donation receipt can be issued for donations made in reals. The donor must request their receipt directly from BrazilFoundation. Since we are an OSCIP, tax incentives are only awarded to businesses taxed on their profits. These businesses can deduct the cost of donations up to 2% of their operating profit. An individual donor may report the amount donated when filing income tax, but will not receive a tax incentive.
Is my contribution tax deductible in the United States?
Yes, BrazilFoundation is a 501( c)(3) charitable organization, and US donations are tax deductible.

Still have any questions? Contact us: donorservices@brazilfoundation.org