How we Support

Multiplying social impact in Brazil

Selection process

Invitation letter or notice

We invite civil society organizations to submit proposals on improving socioeconomic conditions and promoting social justice all over the country.

Receipt and analysis of proposals

Proposals must be innovative, with clearly articulated methodology, have community support, and have the potential to transform, generate scale and/or influence public policies.

Interviews and/or field visits

We visit the finalist organizations annually to understand better the work and the communities that benefit and to ensure resources are invested in the most promising programs.

Detailed evaluation

After the visits, our team prepares recommendations for a Selection Committee composed of staff, board, and volunteer members with expertise in the areas. Hence, they choose the CSOs with the most significant power to generate impact.

Our Call for Proposals

Black Entrepreneurship

Promotion of the autonomy and sustainability of Black people in various economic areas.

Gender Equity

Strengthening the rights of women, girls, and the LGBTQIA+ population.

Environment & Climate Change

Preservation of biodiversity, soil, and springs in Brazilian biomes by guaranteeing the rights of native populations.


Contribution to the improvement of teaching-learning processes for children and adolescents.


In Brazil, the lack of socioeconomic equality and ethnic-racial rights for underrepresented populations is a complex reality that makes socially just and environmentally safe development unfeasible.


We connect people and institutions that want to promote social equity and opportunities for all Brazilians with social organizations that work to solve the demands of their territories.


We act as aggregators, encouraging methodology transfer partnerships and co-investment opportunities that reduce inefficiencies and strengthen social investment.


We focus on responding to the needs articulated by the communities where we operate and defining strategies for specific themes and regions.


In addition to financial support, we work closely with partner organizations, offering technical support, training, and strengthening leadership and methodologies through personal and professional exchanges.


Supported organizations submit work plans and two reports per annual support cycle, with objectives and targets, expected results, and use of resources. We provide impact reports to donors.

Strategic Social Investment

BrazilFoundation supports social organizations that present creative, low-cost solutions with high social impact that can be replicated in larger-scale programs. In addition to financial investment, we continuously guide organizations during support cycles, offering training and contributing to strengthening operations within and beyond their areas of operation.

Institutional Strengthening


All supported CSOs are trained in institutional strengthening, which includes management, financial planning, fundraising, and leadership.


Through empathetic monitoring, we help CSOs to improve their work plan. We receive two reports during the support cycle, presenting objectives and goals, expected results, and use of resources.


We continually guide CSOs across the support cycle and provide opportunities to strengthen leadership and methodologies through leadership exchanges.