Our website was developed to provide maximum accessibility to visitors.

We use accessibility resources following the recommendations of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) or Level AAA Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content, from W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), the central web standardization organization that develops technical specifications and international usage guideline.

Who benefits from accessibility?

With this, people with visual, auditory, and learning difficulties, cognitive limitations, reduced mobility, photosensitivity, etc., and combinations of these characteristics can navigate the website using accessible resources such as high contrast, shortcut keys, keyboard navigation, and sign language translator, among others.

Throughout the development process, we took the necessary precautions to ensure that the navigation experience is the best possible for everyone. That’s why our website is easy to navigate, loads faster, is more straightforward, and is more user-friendly.

If you have any other suggestions for improvement, please send them via email to xxx. Our goal is to make this website increasingly accessible to everyone!

Navigation Tips (by Hand Talk)

Hand Talk’s Website Translator is a practical tool that translates text and image contents, with alternative descriptions, to Brazilian Sign Language, contributing to breaking digital barriers and providing greater autonomy for people who communicate through this language. 

Activate the accessibility window in Sign Language on the right side of your screen and meet Hugo or Maya, our charismatic virtual translators responsible for signing the content. When you activate the window, you can already navigate the website with the cursor and click on the text or image you want to translate.

How to Increase and Decrease Text

This website was created to allow for efficient use of the native zoom resources of your browser. To increase the font and enlarge the content, press the “Ctrl +” and “Ctrl –” keys to decrease. To return to the standard, press “Ctrl 0“.

Tab Navigation

Use the Tab key to navigate through elements that receive user action on the website, such as links, buttons, form fields, and others in the order in which they are presented on the page, and Shift + Tab to return. Use the arrow keys to access textual information.

Shortcut keys by browsers

Edge e Google Chrome:
“Alt + 1” – go to content
“Alt + 2” – go to menu
“Alt + 3” – go to the footer
“Alt + 4” – access this Accessibility Help page

Shift + Escape + number”

Internet Explorer:
“Alt + number” and then press ‘enter’

“Alt + Shift + number

Safari e OmniWeb:
“Ctrl + number”

Assistive technologies

Nitrous Voice Flux: controls the computer by voice. Free; 

NVDA: free screen reader – various languages (Windows). Free; 

YeoSoft Text: screen reader in English and Portuguese; 

Jaws for Windows: screen reader – various languages; 

Virtual Vision: screen reader in Brazilian Portuguese (Windows); 

DOSVOX: system for visually impaired (Windows or Linux).