Location Glória da Goitá, PE
Grantee 2014
Attended areas Social Enterprise

Olhar Empreendedor: Qualificando Negócios, Transformando Pessoas

Train young entrepreneurs to improve their business management skills

The cities in the Goitá basin have a history of poor economic performance with few opportunities for work and income generation. However, the region is experiencing the benefits of a developing industrial sector, which is creating opportunities for entrepreneurs in that field.

Acreditar began in 2001 to help youths become entrepreneurs by improving their knowledge of finance and business management. Under the orientation of youths experienced in the area, the organization now has a solid foundation and an established methodology that has started over 8,000 businesses and has become a reference point in the area of microcredit lending. Acreditar proposes to train and orient young entrepreneurs so that they can improve their business management.


With support from BrazilFoundation, Acreditar will:

• Encourage young, rural entrepreneurs to support local development;
• Analyze operations and strategies of 300 entrepreneurs;
• Train 150 young entrepreneurs;
• Share business experience with entrepreneurs.

“The idea is to make these youth aware of the regional needs and help them launch their businesses with greater confidence.” – Acreditar team

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