Location Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro
Grantee 2008
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Ecotourismo – Vista-se desta identidade

Known for its beautiful mountains and waterfalls and home to the state of Rio de Janeiro’s highest point of elevation, the city of Itatiaia attracts thousands of tourists year-round. However, the community had yet to explore this potential tourist market by selling clothing and crafts produced by the local community. Women embroiderers from the region formalized a production and marketing clothing cooperative with ecotourism motifs in the Itatiaia National Park.

This professional qualification allowed them to participate in the regional market through the production of uniforms, bedding materials, and linens for hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. Through the support of BrazilFoundation the organization created a business plan, which in turn was approved in the amount of R$ 260,000.00, generating jobs, increasing income, and providing economic sustainability for the cooperative.



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