Location Sobradinho, Bahia
Grantee 2012
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Programa de Apoio e Fomento à Apicultura no Município de Sobradinho

Apiculture is a promising means of sustainable development in the Sobradinho region of Bahia as an economic activity that is less dependent on the region’s unreliable, sparse rainfall, and takes advantage of the abundance of indigenous, honey-bearing vegetation that is free of agro-toxins or other pollutants. However, local residents have difficulty bringing the organic honey to markets outside the region where the product receives a higher price, which in turn hinder sales and ultimately generate less income.

BrazilFoundation is helping AAPMS overcome these challenges and improve the quality of life of local residents through workshops, training and the distribution apicultural equipment in order to help producers commercialize Sobradinho’s honey in a fair, participatory and sustainable manner.


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