Location Belo Horizonte, MG
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Social Enterprise

Arquitetura na Periferia: Assessoria técnica a grupos de mulheres para a melhoria da moradia

Empowering Women to Perform Small Renovations and Improve their Housing

Low-income residents, especially women, rarely have access to the financial and technical means necessary to construct or renovate their homes. The Arquitetura na Periferia project will offer this assistance to a group of low-income women living in inadequate housing, empowering them to lead their own efficient renovations, and boosting their confidence. Through its social enterprise model, the project can be expanded to more women.

ASF Brasil’s mission is help make cities more socially equitable and fair by identifying and developing environmental projects in places where marginalized populations reside, promoting cooperation between public and private entities, and powers on the local and international level. Since 2003, ASF Brasil has led socio-environmental projects in low-income neighborhoods throughout the Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Region benefiting various populations such as garbage collectors, landless workers, and quilombola communities.

With Support from BrazilFoundation, ASF – Brasil aims to:

• Provide 15 women with microcredit to perform home renovations, benefiting 75 people;
• Offer women technical training on efficient home construction;
• Encourage greater self-esteem and planning, financial, and analysis skills.


Microcredit and technical training for 15 women
Improved housing for 50 people
Training in construction for sustainable housing

“ The project will do more than just make something; it will help give the women freedom.” – ASF – Brasil Team.”

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