Location Serro, Minhas Gerais
Grantee 2005
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Mulheres do Cerrado

Led by a group of women, the Association started using natural resources to transform local realities, generate income, and improve the lives of the families in Serro, Minas Gerais. Through the project Mulheres do Cerrado, a group of women began collecting and replanting medicinal plants that are native to the region. BrazilFoundation’s support helped train 30 women to use these plants to produce cosmetics.

In addition to selling the products and generating income, the women themselves started using the beauty products. Aside from the success of the products, the most important result was the improvement of living conditions and the women’s increased self-esteem. Today the women are better organized to generate income and create other projects focused on sustainable development.

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