Location Porto Alegre, RS
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Education and Culture


Teaching Entrepreneurial and Problem-Solving Skills to Children and Adolescents

The Vila Flores community is situated in the an old industrial zone of Porto Alegre that has been experiencing urban decay for decades. Since the 1960’s factories and businesses have been closing down, resulting in reduced employment opportunities and growing drug and prostitution activities in the area.

The association came about in 2012 to help revitalize the area and find solutions to combat the urban decay. All of its work is focused on improving quality of life for urban residents and protecting the environment, realizing activities that promote culture, education, entrepreneurialism, and sustainable development. Its project ConvexoLab will encourage children and adolescents to act as leaders in promoting solutions to the problems in their neighborhoods.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Associação Cultural Vila Flores aims to:

• Directly benefit 50 children and adolescents in public primary schools;
• Educate students in communications, problem-solving skills and entrepreneurship to develop their leadership, empathy, and teamwork;
• Involve 200 local residents and workers to develop solutions with a social-cultural impact;
• Implement concrete solutions for neighborhood problems.


Entrepreneurial education for 50 children and adolescents
4 open events for 1600 local residents and workers

“This project will teach youth about their rights and responsibilities as an active citizen.” – Antonia Chaves Barcellos Wallig, President, Associação Cultural Vila Flores

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