Location Nazaré da Mata, Pernambuco
Grantee 2007
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Dando a Volta por Cima

The Associação das Mulheres de Nazaré da Mata is a group comprised mainly of female rural workers in the municipality of Zona da Mata, Pernambuco. The organization enables women to participate in political decisions, and to defend their own rights in a society where men’s voices predominate. The Association promotes programs that address the prevention of domestic violence, sex education, and gender equality, as well as cultural activities such as traditional folk dance.

The “Dando a Volta por Cima” project offered programs on preventing sexual violence and child labor to 100 young people. The project used traditional dances from the region as a means of integrating children into a supportive social environment and re-establishing an emotional connection to their families and heritage.


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