Location Salvador, Bahia
Grantee 2012
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Formação de Juristas leigos na Baía de Todos os Santos

The estuaries, mangrove forests and other maritime environments in the Baía de Todos os Santos region are threatened by numerous civil and industrial projects. Dredging, desalination, landfills and various forms of pollution all threaten the livelihoods of traditional communities – fishermen, indigenous groups and quilombos – that depend on these important ecosystems.

These projects exacerbate endemic poverty and threaten the peoples’ right to remain on their land. AATR, a legal defense organization born during Brazil’s military dictatorship, is training local people to be legal advisors for their communities. With the support of BrazilFoundation, AATR will provide the knowledge and language necessary to access official judicial channels, empowering traditional communities to engage in debates on existing policies, articulate and advocate for their rights and interests.


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