Location Cordisburgo, Minas Gerais
Grantee 2006
Attended areas Education and Culture

Estórias Transformando História

The small city of Cordisburgo, Minas Gerais, is the birthplace of one of Brazil’s greatest authors, João Guimarães Rosa. His work is considered essential to the understanding of Brazil’s social history, but the richness of his vocabulary makes the reading difficult. The Associação de Amigos do Museu Casa Guimarães Rosa teaches a group of local youths to tell stories; they narrate the author’s texts with the goal of promoting his work and stimulating tourism.

The organization received an Incentive Award in 2005, and the rest of the grant was received in 2006 to deploy the literature workshops that took place at the Museum to local schools. The workshops are dedicated to preserve the memory and spread the work of the author, besides stimulating reading habits in the community.

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