Location Catas Atlas da Noruega, Minas Gerais
Grantee 2005
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Doce Cidadania

In 2004, APRUSI received an Incentive Award from BrazilFoundation to build a greenhouse for exotic plants and septic tanks for the residents of Santo Inácio. The organization demonstrated an impressive ability to manage its resources and mobilize the community. The greenhouse attained financial sustainability and the septic tanks were installed. To give continuity to this work, the association created the project Doce Cidadania, which formed a unit to produce raw sugar, taking advantage of the region’s abundant sugarcane.

The project consolidated the cooperative spirit of community residents and generated income for the families. With support from BrazilFoundation, the farmers were trained in qualified planting and production management. The resources were also used to equip a unit of production, providing work for employees and generating local and sustainable development.

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