Location Cansanção, BA
Grantee 2014
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Roça Produtiva

Economic development through family farming in Cansanção, Bahia

There are few opportunities for employment in the city of Cansanção. Because there are no businesses or commercial centers in the city’s vicinity, the town hall is the principle employer for the local residents. The main sources of income for residents in this town are retirement plans, pensions, and governmental cash-transfer programs. Due to the lack of employment opportunities, the region’s youth migrate to larger urban centers in search of work. The Association promotes community-based socioeconomic development through activities that strengthen communities and increase family income, with special focus on family farming. This project received the BrazilFoundation Incentive Award in 2013 and received continued support in 2014.


With support from BrazilFoundation in 2013, the Association successfully:

• Directly benefited 60 small-scale farmers in the region, a number higher than expected, orienting them on farming and product commercialization;
• Organized 4 farms, installing systems for raising chickens, goats and pigs;
• Formalized a partnership with the municipal government, being included in a program for acquiring food;
• Ensured steady income for families in Cansanção through an agreement with the local government;
• Increased the income of all participating families.


“I cried the day I learned that the project would be funded and I could realize my dream to farm. I am very grateful for this support.”  -Luzinete, project beneficiary

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