Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Education and Culture

Abraço Campeão

Boxing as an educational and personal development tool for youth in Complexo do Alemão

The communities of Complexo do Alemão are marked by high levels of poverty and low educational attainment. There are also few public facilities and leisure areas available for its residents, resulting in children and youth spending time on the streets, exposing themselves to violence and the lure of drug trafficking.

Abraço Campeão was created in 2014 by Alan Duarte, a resident of Complexo do Alemão whose life was transformed by sports, and who recently was the protagonist of an award-winning documentary. The Abraço Campeão initiative works to develop youth potential and encourage leadership by offering free boxing classes and mentoring. The activities aim to spur critical thinking and raise awareness in participants, contributing to the vision of a new life and future.

With support from Vivo à Beira, Abraço Campeão aims to:

• Reach more students;
• Offer boxing classes to 90 children and youths;
• Offer civic engagement and personal development classes;
• Acquire new sports equipment and maintain its headquarters;
• Hold community events.


Boxing inspiring youth to create a better future
90 children and youth reached
Civic engagement and personal development classes

We’re here to succeed. Let’s face our battles with pragmatism and preparedness.” – Alan Duarte, Founder

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