Location São Paulo
Grantee 2009
Attended areas Education and Culture

As Mulheres negras tem História e as Jovens estão aqui para Contar

The history of Afro-Brazilian women and their struggle to attain basic rights is still mostly unknown in today’s society. Racial and gender-based discrimination, intensified by generational and class differences, has contributed to the social exclusion and vulnerability of these women, and has kept their story untold.

Through projects geared towards diverse populations, the Association aims to improve the living conditions of the local youth. This project’s objective was to promote appreciation for Afro-Brazilian history and culture and strengthen the image of Afro-Brazilian women in the eyes of young girls. They accomplished this by administering workshops and creating educational pamphlets, such as the Cartilha Mulheres Negras: Presente, passado e Futuro (Pamphlet of Afro-Brazilian Women: Present, Past and Future). The organization’s new office serves as a cultural space for the community, creating opportunities for young people to learn about and appreciate the historical advances of the Afro-Brazilian female population.


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