Location Recife, Pernambuco
Grantee 2008
Attended areas Education and Culture

Educação, Prevenção e Identidade

The Group has worked for over 13 years to promote and disseminate the musical culture of Pernambuco. It carries out projects in the community of Caranguejos, an area of extreme poverty where most of the population lives in stilted huts over wetlands. In 2008, three young members of the Group traveled to perform cultural shows in France.

This trip had an impact on the community and encouraged other young people to attend the project workshops. Many young members of the community learned how to make instruments from recycled materials. This project created new perspectives and opportunities for the residents of Caranguejos. With the support of BrazilFoundation, the Group has leveraged its activities and expanded its institutional reach by generating income through the sale of instruments at fairs.

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