Location Contagem, MG
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Education and Culture

Escola Livre de Artes Digitais

Training public school students in new technologies and incubating their projects

Contagem is recognized as an industrial city with over 650 thousand inhabitants. Technical schools were created to meet the labor demands of companies that operate in the city. But, there are no local training options in arts and information technology field, forcing interested students to travel to Belo Horizonte.The result is many young people from the periphery automatically are being excluded from this training due to the costs involved. Move Cultura offers technical and artistic training for young people, creating opportunities to enter the labor market and stimulating entrepreneurship and community participation..

The Free School of Digital Arts offers training focused on digital arts bringing together cutting-edge technology, qualified professionals and practical, creative and autonomous learning methodologies. The nucleus of reference, research and production (NRPP) is a research and artistic experimentation laboratory that will function as an incubator of youth projects.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Move Cultura proposes to:

•Serve 80 young people with regular courses;
•Offer 8 months of training in audiovisual techniques, graphic design, web design and app creation;
• Entertain proposals and demands presented by the local community;
• Promote the Exchange of information between young people to replicate the project.


Training youth in digital arts
Strengthening young people’s potential, skills and competencies
Empowering the active participation of young people for community improvements

“The idea is that participants can have a dedicated space for training, research and development for collaborative projects, with an infrastructure and appropriate guidance.” – Move Cultura team

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