Location Campo Grande, MS
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Tecendo Conhecimento em Rede

Promoting collaboration to fight sexual violence against children and adolescents

The Mãe Águia Movement acts to prevent sexual violence committed against children and adolescents; developing programs to provide information, guidance, counsel, and support to victims and their families. It operates in the outlying communities of the municipality of Campo Grande and in partnership with the Network for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (RPCA).

With years of experience combating violence against children and youth and significant success in partnership programs with the Committee for Confronting Violence and Defending the Sexual Rights of Children and Adolescents of MS, Mãe Águia recognized an opportunity for increased collaboration on the subject with RPCA, to maximize effectiveness guaranteeing these children’s human rights.
This project will harness the public sector, private enterprise, and civil society to implement the State Plan to Combat Violence against Children and Adolescents by training potential representatives and multipliers acting in service. The objective is to provide a significant increase in the quality of services provided, in addition to increasing societal awareness of the problem.

With BrazilFoundation’s support, Mãe Águia intends to:

• Develop prevention awareness training and information materials;
• Train representatives to act within the protection network;
• Replicate Mãe Águia’s methodology in other regions of the state;
• Coordinate a committee on fighting sexual violence;
• Hold public hearings to present the association’s work in relation to the issue of sexual violence in the state.


Prevention of and support for children and adolescent victims of sexual violencel
Training of 1000 representatives acting to prevent such crimes
Realization of a state-wide plan to combat sexual violence

“The integration and collaboration of multiple resource networks will effectively help minimize sexual violence committed against children and adolescents, joining forces and strengthening all.” – Mãe Águia team

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