Location Recife, PE
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Paternidade Direito de Todos & Todas

Providing legal guidance to mothers to facilitate acknowledgement of paternity and child support

In Brazil, there are 5.5 million children without their father’s name on the birth certificate according to the National Justice Council. APEMAS works in partnership with all sectors of justice to ensure the recognition of paternity, especially voluntary; and reduce the social exclusion of children and adolescents in situations of parental absence.
As a result, APEMAS secured cost free DNA exams as Public Policy in Pernambuco where Federal Law 8,560 / 92 guarantees an unofficial investigation of paternity. Since the law was enacted, over 50,000 confirmations of paternity have been made in the state.

Through advocacy, the project proposes to normalize the paternity search and improve the lives of mothers. To this end, APEMAS will train Social Assistance Referral Center employees in 4 municipalities of Pernambuco to give advice and inform women about the procedures regarding paternity, alimony and shared custody.

With support from BrazilFoundation, APEMAS will:

• Train 100 CRAS employees to assist;
• Assist mothers in their quest to officially recognize their childrens’ fathers;
• Expand this assistance to 3 municipalities;
• Inform women regarding paternity, alimony and shared custody.


Guarantee of paternal recognition for mothers and children
Expand availability of assistance and information about paternity
Acknowledgement by the judiciary system of the proposal as a possible public policy

“We want to inform these women so they can share responsibilities and care of their children with those currently absent parents.” – APEMAS Team

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