Location Recife, PE
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Education and Culture

Professores que sonham, ensinam a sonhar

Development of, and fundraising for pedagogical projects to improve the public education system of Pernambuco

Somos Professores Association has developed its own online crowdfunding platform for public school system professional’s educational projects. The idea arose from the desire to gradually transform education while valuing teachers and promoting innovative practices.

This initiative aims to help teachers transform their ideas in the classroom into projects that can bring a new pedagogical dynamic to public education in Pernambuco. Additionally, it intends to help/support teachers with personalized marketing strategies and fundraising to acquire the materials needed to develop their projects.

With the support of the Garcia Family Foundation Somos Professores intends to

• Promote professional qualification and social valorization of professors working within the state system;
• Foster the creation of innovative educational projects that develop public school student’s competencies;
• Reduce educational inequality and school dropout rates;
• Secure the largest crowdfunding platform for educational projects in Brazil.


20 educational projects financed
Encouragement of societal engagement with public education in Brazil.
Reduction of educational inequality and dropout rates

“When teaching becomes collective everyone becomes fundamental to the process, everyone becomes a teacher.” – Somos Professores Team

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