Location São Gonçalo, RJ
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Education and Culture

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Educational inclusion and personal development for youth through rugby

UMRio was created as a response to the lack of opportunities for children and youth in Morro do Castro, a low-income community with high rates of school evasion, violence and drug trafficking. There is a high where the majority of its residents are children or youth. UMRio was created in 2011 in partnership with Oxford University Rugby Club to provide youth a safe space where they can access and forge new opportunities, pursue their dreams, and build confidence in their own identities. Its methodology uses rugby, healthcare services and education to promote personal development.

The project will use rugby as a tool for the development and educational inclusion of children and adolescents ages 15 to 21, focusing on their educational and professional development.

With support from Vivo à Beira, UmRio aims to:

• Improve school performance and prepare youth for the selection processes at secondary and higher education;
• Provide academic reinforcement for students falling behind;
• Provide vocational guidance and preparation for the inclusion of youth in the workforce.


Workforce inclusion for youth
Personal and professional development
Improving academic performance for 70 children and adolescents

We believe that rugby together with education and healthcare can help these kids build a better future.” – Robert Malengreau, Founder

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