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Casa da Esperança São Francisco

Providing therapy to people with disabilities in Conde, Paraíba

Casa da Esperança São Francisco is a non profit organization founded in 2009 through the Missionary Association of the Franciscan Sisters. It is the only organization that provides assistance to people with disabilities (mainly children) in the Municipality of Conde, a town marked by a 42% unemployment rate. Through the organization children with special needs, which include socio-emotional, language, motion and learning challenges, can receive services from a team of professional speech therapists, psychologists, physio-therapists and psycho-pedagogue experts.

The organization’s goal is to promote human dignity, self-resilience and inclusion for patients. The services provided are free to patients and dependent on donations.

The resources raised will be used to:
• Hire and attract more therapists and experts who can help disabled children;
• Begin providing modest salaries to volunteers who help maintain the facilities.

Your donation in USD$ to Casa da Esperança association is tax-deductible in the USA.

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