Location Afogados da Ingazeira, Pernambuco
Grantee 2009
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Articulando em Rede Tecendo Solidariedade

The adverse climate of the semi-arid Northeast and the absence of political structures are among the principal reasons for the social exclusion of a large part of the rural population, especially women. The region of Afogados da Ingazeira has a high rate of rights violations against women. Opportunities for work are scarce, and the average family income is insufficient to cover the most basic needs. As a result, the women from this group began the production and sales of artisinal goods. The income generated through this activity, although small, contributed significantly to the needs of their households.

The Women’s House of the Northeast has over 20 years of experience working throughout the state of Pernambuco defending human rights, and improving social and economic conditions of women. It has contributed to the creation of a network of female producers of artisanal goods as well as agricultural products. The local women from the Afogados region gained the proper skills for the commercialization of their products in an autonomous and sustainable manner.


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