Location Birigiu, SP
Grantee 2019
Attended areas Education and Culture

Projeto Giane: O amor tem pressa

Developing the skills of children and youth through education, art, sports and entrepreneurshi

CAP was born out of a dream to provide opportunities to the children and teenagers of Birigui, a town known as the “Brazilian capital of children’s footwear” for having the largest production facilities for the industry in all of Latin America. As a result, a large number of residents work for the shoe industry. The city of Birigui also lacks adequate public infrastructure and social services.

By investing in education, culture and sport, CAP aims to encourage personal development in children and teens. The project has a good infrastructure with a multi-sport court, kitchen, locker rooms, porches and gardens. With BrazilFoundation’s support, CAP will be able to keep offering its current programming and even expand it to offer more activities. It also hopes to provide psychological and social services to its students.

With support from BrazilFoundation, CAP aims to provide:

• Workshops on acting, dance, karate, indoor soccer and volleyball;
• Psychological and educational support;
• Better life opportunities for participants


200 kids and teens benefited
100 families reached by the program
Better life opportunities for participants

“These strategies will have an impact on the formation of these kids’ and teenagers’ personality, providing them with confidence, creativity and the will to become entrepreneurs.”

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