Location São Paulo, SP
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Co-criando Inovação

Social inclusion and income generation for young immigrants and refugees through the creative economy

In recent years, São Paulo has seen an increase in the arrival of immigrants and people subjected to forced migration; facing difficulties such as formalizing their documentation and accessing services. Many are young people who see in Brazil an opportunity for a better life through entrepreneurship but factors such as a lack of experience and access to credit, combined with xenophobia and discrimination, force many to give up their entrepreneurial aspirations and, in turn, transform their realities.

CDHIC (migratory policy experts in Brazil), promotes citizenship for immigrants and refugees, seeking to create a society free from prejudice and discrimination of all kinds. In 2016 more than 60% of those served by CDHIC were individuals aged 18 to 34, most of them independent, primarily in the trade, sewing, and gastronomy sectors.

This project aims to promote social and economic inclusion of young immigrants and refugees through social innovation; focusing on the creative economy and the co-creation of entrepreneurial ideas to generate income and growth opportunities for this population, with impact that extends to their families and communities.

With BrazilFoundation’s support, CDHIC will facilitate:

• Entrepreneurship training for 40 young immigrants and refugees;
• Co-working spaces enabling access to innovative entrepreneurial theories and methodologies, and creative collaboration;
• Legal, social, and migratory specific support for the young participants;
• Coaching and guidance that contribute to the sustainability of the projects.


Empower 40 young immigrants and refugees
Creation of new workspaces for immigrants and communities
Income and social inclusion via the creative economy

“Strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit of these young people in order to encourage innovative alternatives for socioeconomic development and income generation.” – CDHIC team

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