Location São Paulo, SP
Grantee 2015
Attended areas Health

Saúde Integral é Legal

Promoting Health and Education to Fight Child Malnutrition and Obesity

In recent decades, first world and developing countries have seen an increase in epidemic proportions of cases of childhood obesity. One of the major consequences of obesity for children and adolescents is poor health, which can reduce their life expectancy by 20 years. Only real changes in family habits, both on an individual and community level, can effectively reduce rates of this disease.

CREN is a non-profit organization established in 1993 working in the areas of health, education and social assistance. CREN works to combat and prevent poor health in children, attending an average of 700 families per year on an outpatient basis and 80 children 0-6 years of age in hospitals daily.

With support from BrazilFoundation, CREN will:

-Attend 140 children 0-6 years of age and 50 teenagers with multidisciplinary teams involving educators, pediatricians, nutritionists, nurses, social workers, physical education instructors and psychologists;
-Provide counseling to mothers or guardians on issues related to malnutrition including hygiene, healthy food, household budget management etc.


-140 young children and their families attended
-50 adolescents and their families directly benefited

“CREN’s efforts encourage physical exercise, something rare for children in the underserved regions of São Paulo.” -Gisela Maria – Project leader



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