Location Teixeira, Paraiba
Grantee 2008
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Difusão de Tecnologias de Segurança Hídrica no Semi-Árido

CEPFS seeks to promote development through knowledge transfer and the production and diffusion of social, environmental and social technologies in order to achieve sustainable development in the Brazilian semiarid region. In 2006, CEPFS received support from BrazilFoundation to build systems for capturing rainwater for families with no access to drinking water, or water of any kind. The cisterns and the training on how to properly manage it has improved the community’s water quality and it has helped to prevent diseases.

The organization has won national and international recognition. In 2008, Jose Dias, CEPFS coordinator was accredited as a “Social Entrepreneur of Ashoka.” The new project, supported by BrazilFoundation, trained community leaders, women farmers, students, teachers, and professionals from other organizations to expand, implement and disseminate the technologies developed by the organization in other communities of the semi-arid region.


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