Location Rio Branco, Acre
Grantee 2005
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Design Solidário

CTA has been working since 1983 to support the communities of the Amazon rainforest. The group develops projects related to the promotion of citizenship, health, education, regional culture, and human rights in various rubber extractor communities. CTA played an important role in securing the recognition of Extractive Reserves and Agroextractivist Settlement, ensuring that these communities have access to their own land.

In 2010 the organization received the award from the Government of the State of Acre for 10 years of contributions to local Forestry. The project “Design Solidário” developed a line of handmade products using typical Amazonian seeds, bark, tree trunk, leaves, and vines. The community received technical support from design professionals to create more modern designs and increase their selling potential. The project also helped to reinforce regional cultural traditions.

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