Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
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A research and policy center working to improve the quality of life for low-income Brazilian children

CIESPI, founded 1986, operates in association with the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio. It performs applied research, policy development, technical assistance and coalition-building to improve the quality life for low-income Brazilian children and to help defend their rights. CIESPI focuses on homeless children – including pregnant girls and mothers, and young children living in low-income, violent, unhealthy communities – training the next generation of youth activists, supporting cultural and play activities for children, and supporting workforce development for low-income youth.

CIESPI is a trusted place for different participants in public policy debates to iron out differences and promote better policies. The Institute successfully convened groups of advocates to develop and pass Rio’s first official policy on early childhood and on homeless children. CIESPI also has close links to Rocinha, a hillside favela suffering from daily armed conflicts between drug traffickers and police. With tiny homes linked by alleys, the community sees high rates of tuberculosis and leprosy.

Rocinha is a dangerous place to grow up, but several thousand young children go to creches and preschools, places vital to their well-being. CIESPI assists these places mitigate the difficulties they face, thus providing the children with a vital source of quiet, calm care and nutrition and education.

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