Location Santarém, Pará
Grantee 2007
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Estruturando uma Cooperativa para a Produção de Movéis Artesanais de Reservas Florestais Comunitárias

The OCT was formed by artisan women who produce handmade furniture using environmentally sustainable techniques. The furniture and objects produced express the history and culture of the Tapajos communities. The Cooperative is made up of 56 craftsmen, and uses only environmentally friendly wood, thus preserving the local forest. The project supported by BrazilFoundation trained 18 craftsmen in business management, finance, and sales, to improve the management of the products produced by the Cooperative.

They established a shop in the center of the city of Santarém to sell products on the national and international markets. Within Brazil, the primary markets for selling this furniture are located in Santarém, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. The Cooperative has contributed directly to community development, income generation for families, and to the creation of a community development fund.

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