Location Antonina, PR
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Mel de Abelhas Nativas – Ouro do Futuro

Boosting Beekeeping as a Source of Income in the Community

The environmentally-protected area of Guaraqueçaba contains the largest remaining continuous fragment of the Atlantic Forest, and is recognized for its biodiversity. Despite this, it is classified as one of the fifteen poorest regions of the country. Honey and beeswax products, together with natural resource conservation, are important sources for income generation in the area.

Coopercriapa is a certified honey-production unit by the Agricultural State Agency. The unit guarantees a financial return for the families involved, and helps to cover maintenance costs by increasing their production and sales. Coopercriapa also processs honey for other producers in the region, and will receive a financial percentage from the bottling and certification of honey.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Coopercriapa aims to:

• Provide technical support for small producers on operational legal processes;
• Provide technical advice on production and harvesting;
• Organize volunteers in a joint effort to process and pack honey;
• Expand the market of honey purchasers.


23 families and producers impacted
Increased production and sales of small producers
Higher income for producing families

“Our mission is to strengthen meliponiculture as a community-based business and to be a center that disseminates good practices in honeybee management, honey production and eco-frieindly business management.” – Sueli Alves dos Santos, Project Coordinator

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