Location Salvador (Polêmica Community), Bahia
Grantee 2013
Attended areas Education and Culture

Alfabetizando e Transformando

Creche Escola offers education and recreational activities for children from a neighborhood with very low human development indicators. Through reading activities, sports and culture, the daycare aims to educate children to keep them from the violence and the lure of drug trafficking in the Polêmica neighborhood of Salvador.


With support from BrazilFoundation in 2014, the daycare made essential renovations to its facilities, increased food distribution to families, offered more activities to children such as capoeira and ballet, developed education materials, and partnered with health professionals to provide care for children. This progress is reflected in the greater self esteem and behavior of the 120 children and their parents, and greater daycare capacity.

“My four sons attend the daycare, where they are fed, kept clean and taught a lot. I’m unemployed and work as a volunteer in the daycare. The daycare is my hands and feet.” – Lenivalda Graciliano de Jesus, mother and beneficiary


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