Location João Pessoa, Paraíba
Grantee 2012
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Mais Conhecimento e Mais Saúde para as Trabalhadoras Domésticas

There are around 117 thousand domestic workers in the state of Paraíba, 90% of which are women. Among the primary challenges they face is the lack of recognition and respect for this profession in the population at large and within public institutions.

The Cunhã Feminist Collective, which derives its name from the Tupi word for “woman”, was founded in 1990 by the first feminist group in João Pessoa. It promotes education and advocates for changes in public policy, with women’s health as its primary focus. With BrazilFoundation’s support, this project will inform domestic workers about health, sexuality and reproductive rights, and promote access to public health services for 50 domestic workers.


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