Location São Paulo, SP
Grantee 2014
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Seminários para os Conselheiros Participativos – São Paulo

Training public council advisors from the city of São Paulo

Escola de Governo opened in 1992 to promote changes in Brazil’s political environment by working with public officers and administrators. The organization offers courses on topics such as human rights, democracy, and public administration.

Recognizing the importance of Participatory Municipal Council of São Paulo (Conselho Participativo Municipal de São Paulo) for the citizenry to exercise its rights, the organization works directly with the city’s public council advisors. The Council is an independent, civil society organization that ensures the direct participation of society in the planning and monitoring of public expenditures.


With support from BrazilFoundation, the project will:

• Hold 5 workshops with the city’s 1,113 public council advisors throughout the greater São Paulo region to discuss topics such as: active civic engagement, decentralization, inequality in the city, and public budgets;
• Continue to guide recently-elected public council advisors serving locally in São Paulo;
• Stimulate dialogue between the Council, civil society, and the public sector on how to tackle issues such as administrative transparency, responsible use of public funds, quality of life, and the development of public policies.

“There is a great need in Brazil to invest in efforts that strengthen democracy. In this respect, we must encourage political education.”

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