Location Arcoverde, Pernambuco
Grantee 2011
Attended areas Education and Culture

BrazilFoundation 10 anos

In 2001, a group of youngsters from Pernambuco occupied a train station in the small town of Arcoverde that had been abandoned 20 years earlier to create a space for artistic and cultural expression. Estação da Cultura was then established but it had to fight the attempts from the local government to remove them from the space.

BrazilFoundation was the first institution to support the group in 2004 and since then the initiative has gained the respect of the government, it has expanded its activities and has received grants from other organizations. The Station has become a thriving cultural center and was the first organization to be recognized as a “Ponto de Cultura” (Culture Point)*.

* Title of recognition awarded by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture to institutions that have made socio-cultural impacts in their communities.


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