Location Japeri, Rio de Janeiro
Grantee 2009
Attended areas Education and Culture

Oficinas Culturais do Grupo Código – Criando uma Nova Linguagem

The municipality of Japeri has one of the lowest human development indexes in the entire state of Rio de Janeiro. The city does not have access to cultural facilities and has high rates of illiteracy and unemployment. Cultural initiatives rarely succeed due to a lack of incentives in this area and the immediate need for income generation. This organization, formed by local artists, established its headquarters in Japeri.

Their mission was to act as cultural and educational facilitators, believing themselves to be vectors of citizenship and social integration within the community. Since 2006 they have offered free workshops to the community, shown films, and planned activities incorporating a diversity of artistic themes from the region.

With the support of the BrazilFoundation, they have made culture accessible to youth and adolescents through workshops in dance, drawing, theater, capoeira, singing, and crafts. The result of these workshops brought about performances, plays and exhibitions which were presented by the community. Technical and managerial aspects of the organization were also strengthened and improved, and deemed a Point of Culture in 2010 by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture.


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