Location Barueri, São Paulo
Grantee 2006
Attended areas Health

Orientação a Familiares de Idosos Dependentes

Grupo Vida has worked to defend the rights and citizenship of the elderly since 1997, trying to enhance their quality of life. The activities developed by the organization are focused on physical and mental health, social care, culture, education and sports. With the BrazilFoundation’s support, 60 family members and caregivers of physically impaired seniors were trained to deal with the emotional and psychological challenges of their condition.

The program received a Social Technology certification in 2007, granted by Banco do Brasil in partnership with UNESCO. This certification recognizes that the program has a replicable methodology that contributes to social transformation. The project benefited 60 elderly people and through the second half of 2010, 335 people were impacted by the program.


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