Location São Paulo, SP
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Liga de Queimaduras

Creating a network of professionals, students and patients to provide information to burn victims

In Brazil, 1 million burn cases occur every year, of which 200,000 are treated in emergency services and 40,000 require hospitalization. Burns are the third largest cause of death in Brazil and a major public health problem due to the severity of the wounds, the large number of complications and the relevant side-effects to burn patients.

Iça – Burns Conect works to promote public policies, scientific research and the human rights of patients who have been burned through advocacy, communication and leadership training. Formed by health professionals working in the burn field, Iça was founded to address the demand for public policies, the lack of dissemination of information and the few campaigns and prevention policies.

The project will stimulate the establishment of an association of burn patients in São Paulo and form a network of professionals, students and patients to promote and disseminate information about burns in Brazil.

With the support of BrazilFoundation, the association intends to:

• Hold lectures with professional experts for the prevention and better care of burn victims;
• Produce and distribute informational booklets with accessible language on burn prevention;
• Offer legal advice for creating of an association of burned patients in São Paulo and other states;
• Raise awareness among families and children about burn prevention.


Burn prevention and care
Spreading awareness on burns in Brazil
Creating a network of health professionals, students and patients to promote rights

“People with severe burns do not receive the support they need from the public sector or society.” – Liga de Queimaduras team

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