Location Bombinhas, Santa Catarina
Grantee 2006
Attended areas Education and Culture

Oficinas de Cultura e Cidadania

Since 1997, the Boimamão Institute has worked within the municipality of Bombinhas, in the state of Santa Catarina, to preserve and promote aspects of popular culture – including architecture, cuisine, literature, dance, music, traditional beliefs and handicrafts.

The Institute created the Museu Engenho do Sertão, a cultural tourist attraction, which has become a historical reference in the region. In 2007 it was recognized as a Community Museum, and in 2008 was deemed a Cultura Viva (Live Culture – an award given by the Ministry of Culture). In 2009 it also named a Point of Culture. With the support of the BrazilFoundation, 120 children and young adults were able to participate in music and ceramic workshops.

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