Location Serro, MG
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

LARboratório Guia de Permacultura

Teaching youth and communities to incorporate low-cost, energy efficient technologies for a changing world

Instituto de Permacultura da EcoVIDA São Miguel was formed by a group of friends in the early 2000’s. The initiative organizes task forces and hands-on courses in bio-construction techniques and promotes eco-friendly design, ecoi sanitation, synthetic agriculture, permaculture, and the solidarity economy.

The institute is based in the Rio Doce, Jequitinhonha and Manhuaçu Basins, areas experiencing environmental challenges from mining, real estate speculation, unplanned urbanization and monoculture. These practices are causing great concern due to their economic instability and impact on water supply, river pollution, soil degradation, and the workforce.

The project aims to teach practical technical solutions that any community can adopt – independent of the available public resources – to quilombolos, farmers and youth in the region.

With support from BrazilFoundation, EcoVida will:

• Hold workshops on ecologically sustainable technologies;
• Organize task forces to install said ecological technologies;
• Realize technical visits;
• Acquire materials.


Roughly 1500 people impacted
Low-cost, eco-friendly technologies
Communities co-existing with nature

“The goal is to encourage groups of low-cost, eco-friendly technologies that facilitate man’s co-existence with nature and the planet.” -Equipe EcoVida

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