Location São Paulo, SP
Grantee 2015
Attended areas Education and Culture

Grupo Nós

Guidance in Life Skills for Young People who are Aging Out of Group Homes

In Brazil there are more than 37,000 children and adolescents living in shelters. According to the Municipal Social Assistance SP, there are approximately 8000 youths currently in group homes in São Paulo, the state with the highest number of youths in state care. When they age out of the group homes at 18 years old, many of these adolescents do not have the option of returning to their families of origin and are left vulnerable to a world of crime and life on the street.

Grupo nÓs, through a series of individual and group activities, helps prepare youth aging out of the system for the emotional and financial challenges they will face. The project facilitates youth development by utilizing support networks and partnerships.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the organization plans to:

-Monitoring and guidance for 30 16-year-old adolescents who live in shelters
-Establish a housing project;
-Help youths develop professional skills;
-Teach conscientious use of money;
-Strengthen support systems and familial ties.


30 16-year-old adolescents monitored


“When youth age out of the system it is a time of extreme vulnerability for them, and small acts of support mean the future. “- Claudia Vidigal, Instituto Fazendo História




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