Location Guarujá, São Paulo
Grantee 2006
Attended areas Education and Culture

Casa Perequê – Qualificação da pesca Artesanal

The Intituto Maramar carries out socio-environmental projects in partnership with local fisheries to promote the conservation of marine and coastal areas along the Santos, São Paulo coastline. The support received in 2006 for the Casa Perequê project in Guarujá, enabled fishermen, shrimpers, and everyone involved in the production chain, to work together for an ecologically and socially sustainable solution, and promote physical infrastructure improvements to increase their performance and production potential.

In 2007, the “Responsible Management of Sete Barbas Shrimp” project was supported, expanding the activities already undertaken through Casa Perequê. The training workshops and training for the responsible management of marine resources were extended to four communities, involving more 200 fishermen.


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