Location Feira de Santana, Bahia
Grantee 2008
Attended areas Education and Culture

Portal do Saber Solidário

The organization works in the semi-arid region of Bahia, an area known for the “Sisal”, in reference to a native plant (agave) that yields a stiff fiber traditionally used for making twine, ropes and carpets. This region is also infamous for child labor and slavery. What separates people in this area from their rights as citizens is not only geographic, but also political. The project PORTAS (DOORS) took on this challenge through the revival of local oral traditions.

Using teaching materials, the project gathered youth from four settlements in Bahia’s sisal-producing area, and trained them as keepers of their stories and transmitters of tradition. Through the support of the BrazilFoundation, these young people became active participants in their communities and were made responsible for the dissemination of local traditions. The youngsters are also responsible for passing on information on health and environmental protection.


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