Location São Paulo
Grantee 2005
Attended areas Health

Qualidade de vida de Crianças e Adolescentes Obesos

The Movere Institute provides assistance to low-income obese children and teenagers who depend on public health services provided by Santa Casa de Misericórdia of São Paulo. The main goal is to improve the quality of life of children and adolescents, through changes in their lifestyle, behavior, and eating habits. With the resources provided by BrazilFoundation, Santa Casa de Misericórdia offered monitored physical activities, nutritional education, familial counseling, and clinical, psychological and nutritional laboratory follow-up tests to a group of 82 children.

The program was monitored to verify the efficiency of each exercise and to develop a program to reduce juvenile obesity. The results of this experiment enabled the creation of a specific methodology to be adopted as public policy. The Movere Institute signed a partnership with the City Department of Education to replicate this methodology in 44 schools around the city.


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