Location Porto Alegre, RS
Grantee 2015
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Yvyra Yky – Terra Vida

Producing Food, Orchids and Crafts for Income Generation in a Guarani Village

The Guarani village of Tekoá Pindó Mirim is situated in the city of Viamão, in Rio Grande do Sul, and consists of 21 families. The tribe there lives in an area of degraded soil that is unsuitable for growing the fruits and vegetables typical to the community’s lifestyle. The project Pindó Sementes de Sustentabilidade has worked since 2010 to improve conditions for this tribe by planting of native trees, fruits and vegetables, constructing a seedling nursery, and erecting an on-site composter and cistern.

The challenge the project faces now is supporting the production and commercialization of orchids, and planting bamboo for artisanal crafts. The goal of the project is to end the irregular extraction of these natural resources, strengthen the trade of village crafts, and generate income for local families.


With support from BrazilFoundation, Instituto Sementes ao Vento will:
• Increase income generation capacity for 21 families, directly benefiting 85 people;
• Plant bamboo for the production of artisanal crafts;
• Grow and sell orchids;
• Increase food security by planting trees, fruits and vegetables;
• Share village experiences with other Guarani communities and public authorities;
• Develop activities in cooperatives and encourage collaboration;
• Consolidate initiatives underway led by the Pindó Sementes de Sustentabilidade project;
• Officially begin to utilize the composter, nursery and cistern, and practice the
separation and utilization of solid waste.


“The project will strengthen the collaboration and cooperation between families, all for the collective good.”
Frederico Carneiro Behrends, General Director of Instituto Sementes ao Vento

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