Location Marabá, PA
Grantee 2014
Attended areas Education and Culture

Gira-Sol: Gestão de Energias Vitais

Cultural activities to encourage youth leadership in Marabá Pioneira

The afro-indigenous community of Cabelo Seco is located in Marabá, one of the most violent cities in Brazil, whose problems are exacerbated by real estate speculation and environmental degradation. This project will turn the “Barraca de Cultura”– an initiative started by Instituto Transformance – into a reference point for youth and family assistance, which will then house 4 smaller cooperative projects related to dance, music, audiovisual arts, and libraries. These projects together will create educational materials on environmental science, an artist residence program, and bike rides that will involve residents in the neighborhoods.

Instituto Transformance has already developed and applied its youth and family assistance method in the Eldorado dos Carajas region, resulting in 90% of the participating youths becoming rural leaders and teachers, with opportunity to pursue higher education.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the project will:

• Encourage youth leadership through artistic activities that develop leaders and teachers;
• Train youths in cultural administration and the arts;
• Transform the “Barraca de Cultura” into a reference point for youth and family in the community;
• Develop dance, music, AV, film and library micro-project cooperatives.

“We are very happy because now we are known for our work and for what we have learned.” – Carolyne, project beneficiary


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